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March 21, 2011

A word on Write Hope - raising funds for the children of Japan

Mount Fuji, Japan.
We often hear about disasters on the news, and wonder if there's any practical way we can help. Sometimes, the bigger the disaster, the more powerless we feel about doing something which will actually make a difference.

Pretty much everyone will have heard by now about the critical situation Japan finds itself in; its eastern coastline ravaged by an earthquake and a huge tsunami, with entire towns washed away and thousands upon thousands dead, missing, injured or homeless. Now they're battling the additional threat of nuclear meltdown at a nuclear power station damaged by the quake.

A group of bloggers with ties to Japan have decided to take action in their own special way, and they're calling for involvement from us all, in a series of charity auctions to be held online at the website they've created: http://write-hope.blogspot.com/

All funds raised will go to their chosen charity, Save the Children, which is actively working to help Japan's youngest citizens through this terrible crisis.

So if you've been looking for a practical way to help, visit Write Hope, donate a book to their mystery box or bid in the auction.


The Golden Eagle said...

It's wonderful the way bloggers are coming together to help.

Thanks for spreading the word!

Mary Mary said...

This sounds like a great way for writers and bloggers to help out. Thanks for letting everyone know!

Tracy said...

This is a great way to continue helping, thanks for the link! I've already donated via RedCross, but something this huge needs more help than a single text message donation can provide.

It also helps restore a little faith in mankind that we're willing to band together in such large numbers to help people we've never met.

E.C. Smith said...

This is a wonderful intiative! I'm following along and have donated too. Here's hoping a solution to the nuclear situation comes on line head before anymore lives are lost or more damage is done.

E.C. Smith said...

Oh...P.S. Adina. Pop by my blog when you've got a chance. I've a gift waiting for you!

Lynda R Young said...

This is a fantastic way of helping out.

Rachael Harrie said...

Hey Adina, thanks so much for helping us to spread the word about Write Hope :)



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