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February 19, 2014

Dark Child sequel done. Phew! And next on my list...

 Hello all!

I'm not completely sure who finds their way to these posts these days, but I know that somebody does, according to the little Google widget that measures page views. If you're an old (and much appreciated) friend from my early blogging days, I'm very sorry for neglecting you. It's because I've been writing, writing, writing, and that only seems to happen when I'm not actively blogging. If you're a Dark Child reader, thank you for visiting my little corner of the web! You've come to my original blog where I shared my ups and downs on the road to publication. You're welcome to have a look around - but don't forget to also visit my website (which also has a blog) or my Facebook author page.

Anyway, welcome, whoever you are. I know I owe you an update. I'm more than overdue. The good news is I've finished my draft of the Dark Child sequel and handed it in to my publisher...and it'll be out later this year. As soon as I have an official release date I'll share it. Aaargh! I really hate waiting. I want to share it with you NOW! This next story is full of...let's just say I'll be amazed if you've predicted half of what's coming your way. I even surprised myself with the direction things took as I was writing it. More Kat, more romance, more of everything!

You may not know that Dark Child Episodes 1-5 were originally written as one complete novel. The decision to serialise came later, after discussions with my publisher, for a variety of reasons. So...even though the Dark Child sequel is also a full-length novel, it's almost certainly going to be released in Episodes again.
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