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February 1, 2013

Some free reads for you to celebrate Dark Child release day

image by Evgeni Dinev, freedigitalphotos.net

Most people know that book names are often changed by publishers, for whatever reason. My debut novel is being released today under the name Dark Child, which I love, as originally that was the name I'd given the planned series - though the first book had a different title.

My working title for the first book was Birthed by Moonlight, and not only did that name get cut but so did the original prologue that told the story of my main character's extraordinary birth. Seeing as today is a birth of another kind, the birth of Episode One of my first novel into the world, it seems appropriate to share Kat's 'birth' story with you. I've posted it in the 'Extras' section on my website.

You can also read a free sample from the beginning of Dark Child at my publisher's website if you go here. This is a longer sample than the one up at Amazon!

Enjoy. :-)

So, do you prefer to try before you buy? Are you a free sample reader?
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