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November 27, 2012

adinawest.com goes live...and a Dark Child editing update

I love my new website. I wanted it to be a little bit baroque and hint at late nights and guttering candles...and I think the designer has captured that beautifully with the hand drawn aesthetic.

Readers of this blog aren't really the target audience for my author website, as it's targeted at future readers, while many (most?) of you are writers yourselves. But you're very welcome to pop on over and have a look if (like me) you're endlessly curious about how other writers present themselves. It's an odd sort of transition, too, from writing blog posts for a 'journey to publication' blog like this, to writing blog posts for my author website. I really have no idea at this stage what any future readers of my book will be interested in knowing about me, so I think it might be a while before my blog posts over there become as personal as the ones here. If they ever do!

I have been fairly quiet, blog-wise, and that's because I've been doing structural edits for Dark Child. I've heard other writers talk about this period as 'going into the editing cave' and I really do understand the cave analogy. My personal analogy for how I've sometimes felt while editing this book is that it's like carving a replica of Michelangelo's David with a butter knife.

Luckily, I'll only ever have to do this for the first time once. :-) I think (hope?) I'm learning lots of self-editing skills through this process, and with any luck that'll enable me to write cleaner and leaner from the beginning in future projects.

Anyway, I wanted this to be a meatier post, but having just handed my edited manuscript back to the editor/publisher, and having had a number of very late nights to make that happen, my brain is telling me it needs sleep.

Fresh from editing, I have a couple of questions for you out there. What's your mental checklist for each scene you write? What elements do you feel a scene has to have for it to earn its keep?

And what things do you love or hate to see on an author website?



Michael Offutt, Speculative Fiction Author said...

I actually don't really check any author websites for stuff (well maybe George R.R. Martin). And what I look for are free stuff that isn't printed yet...chapters and spoilers from stuff he's working on.

Misha Gericke said...

Same as Michael. I try to find author blogs if at all possible, if I feel an intense need to interact with a writer.

Otherwise, I tend to just appreciate a good story for what it is. :-D

That said, I love your website's design.

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