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May 22, 2012

Publishing deal!

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I didn't expect to be writing a post like this so soon. If you'd asked me at the beginning of the year whether I saw a publishing deal in my near future, I'd have said "No way!" Then my agent sent my manuscript to new digital publisher Momentum, a division of Pan Macmillan Australia - and they liked it. And they offered me a deal for international digital publication. And I accepted.

This, my first completed novel, has been my first foray into the world of publishing - and I was willing for it to be my learning ground. Instead, after a nail-biting search which you can read about here, here and here, it gained me an agent back in 2010, and now a publisher, so I feel very very blessed.

We all know how fast things are changing in the world of publishing. That the digital share of the publishing pie is growing not just every year, but every quarter. That major bookselling chains both in this country, and internationally, have closed or drastically downsized in recent years. This scenario is frightening to many in the industry.

There are those who take a different view, however. Who see this as a time of unique opportunity. Because readers will always want stories, and writers will always want to provide them - regardless of the form that story takes.

For a writer who is unpublished, or at the beginning of their career, digital publishing provides unprecedented opportunities to enter the market and win a readership. And I don't just mean through self-publishing - though that's a path an increasing number of writers are choosing to take. Digital publishers are able to operate on a lower cost model, which means they can afford to publish many more debut authors. Authors like me. They can bring books to market faster too, as they're unfettered by print publishing's traditional publication schedules. They can offer them at competitive prices. And they can keep books available for purchase for years - with minimal additional outlay.

So instead of thinking about the portion of the reading market who won't be able to gain access to my book (unless I'm published in print at a later date), I'm focusing on the many millions of readers in the English-speaking world who will be able to. Those who are already consumers in the digital book market.

And I'm excited!

I'll be guest-posting at Rach Writes on Monday 28th May as part of her May series on Digital Publishing, so don't forget to visit me there next week!


The Golden Eagle said...


Suze said...

Your comment made me pop over -- couldn't wait until I was 'off hiatus' to see your big news, and guess what?

Your title made tears leap to my eyes!

Congratulations, Adina! I am absolutely thrilled for you and I love your new profile pic, as well!

Go out on all kindsa limbs, girl -- you're ready for all of this. You are a solid person whose methodical, deliberate choices will no doubt serve you and your career goals.

I am so very pleased to read all of this. I felt my heart leap a bit when I read the words, 'I'm focusing on the many millions of readers in the English-speaking world who will be able to.'

I hope you'll post here with some regularity to keep us updated.

Cheering for Adina over in the American Southwest.

Cherie Reich said...


Charlotte said...

Congrats, Adina! So thrilled for you! I know you are a busy writer, but have you thought about joining Litopia.com - online writers' colony and very nice place to do some gentle marketing when the time is right. If you do join, come and say hello to me - my handle is webspinner.

Adina West said...

Thank you so much Suze. You have no idea what it feels like to have wonderful people like you that I've never met 'in my corner', so to speak.

Your day will come. That I'm sure of!

Adina West said...

Thanks for the recommendation Charlotte - I might just do that. Still finding my way in this process, and I have to admit, 'gentle marketing' sounds like more my style than the in-your-face kind!

Jenny Schwartz said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations :)

(dropping in from BF Fiends to shout hooray!)

Adina West said...

Thanks Jenny. :-) And Golden Eagle and Cherie.

Julie Hedlund said...

Fantastic news! Many congratulations!

Carol Riggs said...

What a great announcement!! Big congrats to you. Yes, publishing times certainly are changing, and the point of writing is so that readers can read what you have written! Best wishes. :)

Eleni Konstantine said...

Fantastic news, Adina. Congratulations!!!

M.C. said...

Congrats! This must be so exciting for you to reach this goal. However, This is only the begining of a new adventure. I wish you the best with the whole process and promotion.

Adina West said...

Thank you all. :-)

Lots of new things to learn...but it's definitely exciting!

Lorena said...

Congratulations, Adina! This is super exciting! And you're right, this is a great, cost-effective opportunity for debut writers to get a following!! Can't wait to read your work!

chenoafawn said...

I've already said it on twitter but this is such good news (coupled with the fact that I've realized you're blogging again) that I'll repeat it here: Congratulations! I've mentioned your success in my latest post. Chenoa :)

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