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September 5, 2010

An email from an agent!

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When you're waiting to hear
back from an agent there's
nothing quite so exciting
as getting new mail...

I've had some response to my many query letters, and I've even sent out the full manuscript when requested, and now...finally! I've heard back from an agent who has read my MS.

The email was brief - only a couple of lines. She said she liked it - except for a few major problems.

Now I could have responded to this email by being cast into the doldrums and thinking I'd done everything wrong. After all, there was no offer of representation. But I didn't.

This is where professionalism comes in. Because if you ever find yourself in a discussion about your work with an agent, whether via email, or phone, or face to face - you are very very lucky. You didn't get a form rejection. They are interested in something about your work, even if it's not perfect now. This is your big chance to show what a professional you are, and show that you can work in this business, where revision and change are a fact of life.

In my case, I sent off an email saying I'd had time to think about the MS since sending it to her. That was the absolute truth. I've had quite a few months of thinking time and have done lots of notes on revisions. I felt there were some changes that would improve the MS, and asked could I send her a revised synopsis?

She said yes, and I spent a day or so working on it and then sent it off. Fingers crossed that she likes what she reads...

Are you like me? Searching for an agent to represent you and your completed book? If you are, you'll know that this time comes with a lot of nail-biting and anticipation. See my last post for a great tip on how to keep your mind off the waiting game, and all the good reasons why.
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1 comment:

erica and christy said...

That is very exciting! I now need to read the posts that come after this one to find out what happened! (I'm following as Christy Hintz...can't figure out how to change it to erica and christy...but know that we are!)

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